Linkedin Engagement


  • XtraMileIcon Tired of spending money on publishers’ lists that bring you no conversions?
  • XtraMileIcon Want to generate your own VIP list based on your business criteria and goals?
  • XtraMileIcon Wish you could target your message to people with real faces and positions?
  • XtraMileIcon Want to boost conversion by up to 15%?

Discover the potential of the most powerful B2B platform for marketers to build your own
business-specific wish lists and reach the decision-makers that count.

Endless possibilities

  • XtraMileIcon Create awareness of new services/products among focused potential customers
  • XtraMileIcon Schedule personal sales meeting with people from specific market sectors
  • XtraMileIcon Brand and position your company’s thought leaders and experts among professional groups
  • XtraMileIcon Increase registration to courses, conferences, webinars and other professional events
  • XtraMileIcon Build and nurture a LinkedIn community of existing and potential customers under an exclusive club
Focused targeting
Personalized wish lists according to your business preferences and needs
Clear Messaging
Clear and targeted messages ideally suited for the LinkedIn platform
Very high ROI and conversion rates up to 15%

Tap on the true power of LinkedIn

In today’s hectic market, you produce and distribute a lot of content throughout all your social channels, you spend a fortune in publishers’ lists, write blog posts and link to them to and from all channels, send email blasts and even maintain your corporate page on LinkedIn updated at all times.
Yet, the results leave a lot to be desired.

As opposed to other, more limited social media channels, you can reach very specific people via LinkedIn according
 to virtually any criteria, including business and industry sector, geography, position, keywords, and more.

Xtra mile developed a unique methodology that maximizes the true capabilities of LinkedIn and what it can do for you and you company. 

We build personal campaigns (Peer2Peer) that reach the widest possible audience, with actual faces and jobs.