Buyer personas

Understanding Your Clients Needs

In a world with tough competition for the attention of each potential client, focusing your efforts is the key to successful customer acquisition and retention. 

Buyer personas are an important tool to help visualize your ideal client, and the kind of service they might need from you.

Download Xtra-mile’s Buyer Personas whitepaper for free, and  get the tools you need to build your optimal buyer personas’ profile. 

In it, you will find:


  • XtraMileIcon A short description of buyer personas
  • XtraMileIcon Negative personas – the people you DON’T want as your clients
  • XtraMileIcon The methods of developing profiling buyer personas
  • XtraMileIcon Detailed list of what to look for when creating buyer personas
  • XtraMileIcon Technical Issues and Pitfalls

Download the whitepaper

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