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Deployment for Verint’s new R&D site


Verint is a global provider of security & cyber intelligence data-mining software solutions that help governments, critical infrastructure providers and enterprises to neutralize and prevent terror, crime and cyber threats for a safer world. 

A $1+ billion company, Verint employs 5,000 employees in tens of locations around the world, including many R&D centers. 

In 2017, Verint Cyber Intelligence Business Unit selected Bucharest, Romania to open a new R&D center for cyber solutions.

The company selected Romania for several reasons:

  • XtraMileIcon Substantial offer of professional, high-quality employees (Romania invests heavily in providing a technology education to the young)
  • XtraMileIcon Ability of employees to communicate in English
  • XtraMileIcon Cultural fit with the company’s DNA


Verint embarked in an employer-branding project for their new R&D center in Bucharest, Romania, and entrusted Xtra mile with the mission of doing it and ‘doing it right’. 

One of the goals of the process was to build a positive recruitment experience. To this end, strong ties were built with local placement companies. 

Talent acquisition and recruitment managers received suitable training, and an organized work process was established, in full cooperation with the Israeli group; Different waves, each with five batch domains with recruitment targets were defined. 

The first wave focused on team leaders. Another objective was to generate buzz about Verint’s entry into the Romanian market. 

This included doing campaigns about the brand, introducing the cyber-intelligence technology and concept, building an effective recruitment process adapted to the local culture, and then hiring new employees in a very short time frame. 


A team was created with people from Verint’s R&D, Talent Acquisition and Marketing departments, and the employer branding experts at Xtra mile.

The research of the Romanian market focused on getting to know Verint and the competition, understanding the company’s recruitment needs, culture and key business persona, and its perception by employees. 

Since Verint had no employees in Romania, focus groups were formed, and interviews were held with other recruiters to define the following Employer Value Propositions (EVPs):

  • XtraMileIcon Cyber intelligence - a new and "hot" domain that needed introduction to Romania
  • XtraMileIcon Global company, worldwide presence, impact and opportunities
  • XtraMileIcon Be a pioneer, and enjoy professional development/growth
  • XtraMileIcon End-to-end involvement of all stakeholders from initiation to launch

The slogan selected was “Cyber Intelligence. Your Time Is Now”, which served two purposes: introducing the new technology to the local market, and offering the Romanian candidates the opportunity to be pioneers in the new site with end-to-end involvement in their projects.


The results could not have been more encouraging, and Xtra mile surpassed Verint’s expectations:

  • XtraMileIcon Tens of new employees started working at the new Verint R&D center in Romania by January 2019
  • XtraMileIcon Widespread awareness to the Verint brand (as reported by recruitment companies)
  • XtraMileIcon Verint Bucharest landing page had 7,662 page views (6,404 unique views)
  • XtraMileIcon Average time spent on page - 02:22 minutes
  • XtraMileIcon Open positions landing page - 704 page views
  • XtraMileIcon A high CTR of 11% from landing page - to open positions page

Xtra mile succeeded in ‘doing it right’ the first time, as Verint wanted.
This meant choosing the right messages and language, establishing a winning team, defining the strategy, a tactical plan and methodology, and ensuring close collaboration between HR and Marketing.


The process followed the very clear Xtra mile methodology for employer branding, including:

  • XtraMileIcon Localized candidate brochure
  • XtraMileIcon Educational videos featuring cyber intelligence, specifically created and adapted to the local market
  • XtraMileIcon Branded collateral
  • XtraMileIcon Scripts for recruiters that emphasize the EVPs and campaign messages
  • XtraMileIcon Design of the new offices with Verint’s brand using the specific campaign’s language
  • XtraMileIcon Collaboration with local technology partners like Google, Microsoft and Oracle for employees training
  • XtraMileIcon Participation in the main recruitment and professional fairs in Bucharest
  • XtraMileIcon Collaboration with local technology partners like Google, Microsoft and
  • XtraMileIcon Office inauguration with officials from Romania and Israel
  • XtraMileIcon Launch of new social channels and website
  • XtraMileIcon Organic, paid and location-based campaigns specifically developed for Bucharest and Romania featuring the cyber intelligence technology

Quick Facts


Verint, leading global provider of security and cyber intelligence data — mining software.


Security and cyber intelligence through the synergy of technology, domain expertise, and intelligence methodologies.


Employer Branding (EB) project for Verint Romania. The challenges for Xtra mile were many, among them:

  • Beginning from scratch in a market where Verint was rather unknown in Romania
  • Competitive market with many R&D centers vying for the same candidates
  • A new type of solution, new company culture
  • Creating a positive candidate journey
  • Most of the work was done in the summer months when the market is ‘dead’


  • Successful campaign from the outset, making a proper market and target audience analysis, and using a unified message and graphic concept
  • The employer branding campaign started in June; by September, Tens of new employees had been hired
  • Visitors to landing page remain an average of 2.22 minutes
  • CTR of 11% from landing page to open positions page!

For us, doing it right the first time meant establishing a winning team, defining the strategy, tactical plan,
and methodology.

Working with Xtra mile was a great experience. They are true professionals, with the passion and creativity that led the entire process to amazing outcomes.

Amit Daniel, SVP Marketing & Employer Branding

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